Board of Trustees

Martha Johnson (President)

Joanne McDowell (Vice President)

Julie Gann (Secretary)

Jill Hamilton (Treasurer)

Donna Ruppel

Phyllis Snell

Sandy Smith


Note that the President of the Board is an ex-officio member of all committees
Finance Committee:   Joanne McDowell and Julie Gann
Building Committee:  Donna Ruppel and Joanne McDowell
Personnel Committee: Jill Hamilton and Phyllis Snell
Bylaws Committee: Martha Johnson and Joanne McDowell
Strategic Planning Committee: Julie Gann, Joanne McDowell, Carol Kuhr, Phyllis Snell

2021 Board Meeting Dates

All board meetings are always open to the public and virtual links are available during the current health crisis. Email for details.

Agenda: Public Comments, Minutes of previous meeting, Board Calendar. Treasurer’s Report, Director’s Report, Committee Reports, Old Business. New Business. Other Business. Action Items.

January 11th at 6:30PM
February 8th at 6:30PM
March 8th at 6:30PM
April 12th at 6:30PM
May 10th at 6:30PM
June 14th at 6:30PM
July 12th at 6:30PM
August 9th at 6:30PM
September 13th at 6:30PM
October 11th at 6:30PM
November 8th at 6:30PM
December 13th at 6:30PM