Book of the Week: Diana Gabaldon

Recently, we’ve had a lot of patrons come in and tell us how much they love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series! Now that they’ve finished the books, they’re sad and don’t know what to read next. We can help with that!

Did you know that Diana Gabaldon has written other novels featuring characters from the Outlander series?

The Lord John Grey series

These novels and novellas follow Lord John Grey’s adventures during times in the main Outlander series that we don’t see or hear much of him. The chronology of these can be a little confusing, so allow us to help.

1.) Lord John and the Hellfire Club

A short story, found in the larger collection titled Lord John and the Hand of Devils 

2.) Lord John and the Private Matter  

A novel available at Argyle Free Library

3.) Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

A novel available through Interlibrary Loan in the SALS system. All you need to do is place a hold, and it will be delivered here!

4.) Lord John and the Haunted Soldier 

A novella published in the larger collection titled Lord John and the Hand of Devils

5.) Lord John and the Custom of the Army

A novella that can be found in Seven Stones to Stand or Fall: A Collection of Outlander Fiction, as an ebook, or as an audiobook. It is frequently called just, “The Custom of the Army.”

6.) The Scottish Prisoner

A novel available at Argyle Free Library

7.) Lord John and the Plague of Zombies

A novella that can be found on audiobook and as an ebook.

Books featuring other characters in the Outlander series

1.) Virgins 

This novella follows Jaime a few years before he meets Claire. Jaime leaves Scotland to soldier in France with his friend Ian Murray. Available as an ebook and through interlibrary loan.

2.) Seven Stones to Stand or Fall 

This is a collection of seven short stories featuring different characters from the Outlander series including:

The Custom of the Army 

A Lord John Grey short story

The Space Between 

This short story features the Comte Saint Germain, Michael Murray, and Joan Mackimmie (Marsali’s younger sister)

A Plague of Zombies 

A Lord John Grey novella

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows 

This short story follows Roger Mackenzie’s father and mother. We finally find out what happened to them!


This novella follows Jaime a few years before he meets Claire. Jaime leaves Scotland to soldier in France with his friend Ian Murray.

A Fugitive Green

In this short story, we learn about how Lord John Grey’s brother and sister-in-law met.


A Lord John Grey short story in which he travels to Cuba

This collection is available on ebook, at the Argyle Free Library, and through interlibrary loan.  

3.) Exiles: An Outlander Graphic Novel 

Outlander told from Jaime’s perspective! Available through interlibrary loan.

Books about Diana Gabaldon’s Writing Process

1.) Outlandish Companion Volume I 

Essays by the author about her writing process and other relevant information related to books 1-4. Available through interlibrary loan as a book, audiobook, or Playaway.

2.) Outlandish Companion Volume II

Essays by the author about her writing process and other relevant information related to books 4-8. Available through interlibrary loan as a book or audiobook.

3.) “I Give You My Body”…How I Write Sex Scenes 

Diana Gabaldon writes about her process of writing sex scenes in her novel. Available as an ebook with a library card through Overdrive.

Nonfiction Books Related to the Outlander Series

1.) Outlander Kitchen: the official Outlander companion cookbook 

Make recipes related to Jaime and Claire’s journies throughout the Outlander series. Available through interlibrary loan. 

2.) The making of Outlander: official guide to seasons one and two 

Read about how the Outlander TV show was made. Available through interlibrary loan.

3.) Highland Knits: Knitwear inspired by the Outlander series 

Learn a new skill and look as gorgeous as Claire! Available through interlibrary loan.



New Book of the Week: College Preparation Books

In preparation for our teen summer program, which will focus on college preparedness and volunteer opportunities, we got in a bunch of college prep books!



The Hidden Ivies 

“Completely revised and updated with a dozen new colleges and universities, the essential guide students need to help them choose and gain admission to the outstanding schools that fit them best.

Based on Howard and Matthew Greene’s years of counseling experience and research, The Hidden Ivies is an invaluable, in-depth look inside sixty-three renowned academic institutions. These private colleges and universities offer students a broad liberal arts education that will help them build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. The Greenes help families understand what makes an Ivy League college so desirable, and why these Hidden Ivies (some less well-known than others) offer an educational and personal experience to rival that found on Ivy campuses.

In this fully revised and updated edition—featuring new institutions, including Dickinson College, Fordham University, and Southern Methodist University—the premier educational consultants and authors of Making It Into a Top College take you school-by-school, revealing:

  • Why these are unique institutions of exceptional merit
  • What criteria to use in evaluating different programs
  • The admissions requirements for each selective school
  • How to approach the selective college admissions process today
  • Student perspectives on their college experiences
  • The value of pursuing a liberal arts education

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions every student—and their parents—will ever make. With costs rising and so many to choose from—and the competition for acceptance more intense than ever before—The Hidden Ivies offers invaluable insights and advice to help every student choose and apply to the right school: the place where they will thrive, academically, socially, and personally *

*Review taken from Amazon

The Her Campus Guide to College Life 

“From dating to internships—it’s everything you need to know about college.

Get ready for the best years of your life! Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Chandler Wang, Harvard-grad entrepreneurs and co-founders of Her Campus, the #1 global community for college women with 26+ million monthly users and chapters at 340+ colleges, are lending their collegiette expertise to the book world with this fresh and savvy take on a college girl’s survival guide.

Her Campus’s college guide is bursting with insider tips to help you navigate classes, relationships, and all your extracurriculars—including parties and Greek life—and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned upperclassman or are starting freshman year in just a few months, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bond with your roommate and set ground rules for your new space
  • Beat the Freshman 15 without having to give up dessert
  • Snag a date with the cutie from your Lit class
  • Cope with stress and anxiety—even during finals week!
  • Score jobs and internships that will help you transition into post-collegiette life

This book will also give you the lowdown on campus safety so you can enjoy all that college has to offer while avoiding the unfortunate scary parts that sometimes come with it. Complete with fun checklists and worksheets to help you carry out HC’s essential advice, The Her Campus Guide to College Life shows you how to make the most out of your experience—in and outside the classroom.”*

Review is taken from 

Colleges that Change Lives 

“Choosing the right college has never been more important—or more difficult. For the latest edition of this classic college guide, Hilary Masell Oswald conducted her own tours of top schools and in-depth interviews, building on Loren Pope’s original to create a totally updated, more expansive work. Organized by geographic region, every profile includes a wealth of vital information, including admissions standards, distinguishing facts about the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and what faculty say about their jobs. Masell Oswald also offers a new chapter on how students with learning disabilities can find schools that fit their needs. For every prospective college student searching for more than football and frat parties, Colleges That Change Lives will prove indispensable.” *

*Review taken from Amazon

100 Successful College Essays 

“These are the essays that helped their authors gain admission to Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Wellesley, Pomona, and other outstanding schools—followed by invaluable comments by experts in admissions, placement, and college counseling at some of the best learning institutions around the country. This helpful guide includes:

  • 100 complete essays with professional commentary
  • Examples of essays on common topics (family background, athletics, work experience), as well as the more offbeat
  • Essays on the immigrant experience by foreign-born students
  • A section of drawing and cartoon essays
  • Insider advice from a Princeton Dean of Admission
  • And more

Compiled by members of The Harvard Independent, the weekly newsmagazine of Harvard University, this revised and updated edition is an invaluable resource for students who want to write the best possible essay—and improve their chances of admission to the best possible school.” *

*Review taken from Amazon


Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years 

“The sixth edition of this classic parents’ guide and college orientation staple has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the realities of college today.

For more than a decade, Letting Go has provided hundreds of thousands of parents with valuable insights, information, comfort, and guidance throughout the emotional and social changes of their children’s college years—from the senior year in high school through college graduation.

Based on research and real life experience, and recommended by colleges and universities around the country, Letting Go, Sixth Edition, has been updated and revised, offering even more insightful, practical, and up-to-date information. In this era of constant communication, this edition tackles the challenge facing parents: finding the balance between staying connected and letting go.

  • When should parents encourage independence?
  • When should they intervene?
  • What issues of identity and intimacy await students?
  • What are normal feelings of disorientation and loneliness for students—and for parents?
  • What is different about today’s college environment?
  • What new concerns about safety, health and wellness, and stress will affect incoming classes?

A timeless resource, Letting Go, Sixth Edition, is an indispensable book that parents can depend on and turn to for all of their questions and concerns regarding sending their children to college.” *

*Review taken from Amazon 

New Book of the Week: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

“Before John Glenn orbited the earth, or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of dedicated female mathematicians known as “human computers” used pencils, slide rules and adding machines to calculate the numbers that would launch rockets, and astronauts, into space.

Among these problem-solvers were a group of exceptionally talented African American women, some of the brightest minds of their generation. Originally relegated to teaching math in the South’s segregated public schools, they were called into service during the labor shortages of World War II, when America’s aeronautics industry was in dire need of anyone who had the right stuff. Suddenly, these overlooked math whizzes had a shot at jobs worthy of their skills, and they answered Uncle Sam’s call, moving to Hampton, Virginia and the fascinating, high-energy world of the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory.

Even as Virginia’s Jim Crow laws required them to be segregated from their white counterparts, the women of Langley’s all-black “West Computing” group helped America achieve one of the things it desired most: a decisive victory over the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and complete domination of the heavens.

Starting in World War II and moving through to the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and the Space Race, Hidden Figures follows the interwoven accounts of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden, four African American women who participated in some of NASA’s greatest successes. It chronicles their careers over nearly three decades they faced challenges, forged alliances and used their intellect to change their own lives, and their country’s future.” *

*Review taken from Amazon


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