Board of Trustees

Remus Preda (President)email
Joanne McDowellemail (Vice-President)
Julie Gann (Secretary) – email
Robert Webster (Treasurer) – email
Rick Dennis – email
Martha Johnson – email

Jill Hamiltonemail

Phyllis Snellemail

Marissa Walkup (student representative)
Ryan Depew (student representative)

Permanent Committees:  Note that the President of the Board is an ex-officio member of all committees
Finance Committee:  Rick Dennis (chair), Bob Webster, Joanne McDowell
Building Committee:  Amy Stott, Bob Webster, Sue McWhorter, Marissa Walkup, Ryan Depew

Temporary Committees:
Personnel Committee:  Joanne McDowell, Julie Gann
Bylaws Committee:  Martha Johnson, Joanne McDowell