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The Argyle Free Library is looking for a new director!


We're Hiring! PLibrary Director1

Click here to download a copy of the job description, or see below:

Argyle Free Library – Library Director


Job Description

The Library Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Library and is responsible for the administration of all library functions within the goals, guidelines and policies established by the Library Board of Trustees.  This responsibility includes the organization and dissemination of information and services through the effective utilization of library resources.  The Director is also responsible for the facilities, financial management and personnel of the Library, under the governance and oversight of the Board.

The Director is expected to provide a leadership role within the library, the community, and the library profession.  The Director serves as the official representative of the Library.  This is a part-time position, 20 hours per week.

Minimum Qualifications:  MUST have two years of college study in any field, per NY State law

Desired Qualifications:  Library work experience; experience coordinating with local organizations to develop community programs; comfortable with maintaining library website and developing library presence on other media, such as Facebook and Twitter; some management experience


  1. General Administration and Financial Management
    1. Make policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees
    2. Implement policies and procedures
    3. Submit a timely proposed budget
    4. Monitor expenditures
    5. Provide monthly financial planning information to assist in establishing both short term and long term priorities
    6. Provide orientation and resources to new Trustees and Employees
    7. Manage employees, provide training for employees as needed, and coordinate their schedules
    8. Direct the maintenance of the library building and grounds, and recommend future space needs and reorganization of library areas
    9. Establish and maintain a staff manual of library procedures
    10. Provide leadership, take initiative, solve problems, and effect change through development and encouragement of staff
    11. Research community needs, and plan and implement programs to support these needs
    12. Attend all Board of Trustee meetings, and ensure Trustees are aware of Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) and other communications in a timely fashion
    13. Develop and maintain the library website and social media
    14. Evaluate the effectiveness of the library collection and order materials (books, periodicals, movies, etc.) to support community needs
    15. Maintain an orderly and usable library catalog, in accordance with current library and SALS requirements
    16. Provide customer service, build relationships with community organizations, and provide an environment that is aligned with that of the Board and AFL policies.
    17. Other duties, as assigned.


  1. Work and Physical Requirements
    1. Duties require periods of standing, sitting, walking and carrying weight up to 30 pounds
    2. Public speaking
    3. Provide own transportation to work-related meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.
    4. Occasional Saturday and evening hours as needed (board meetings, special events, etc)

To apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Argyle Free Library Personnel Committee, PO Box 238, Argyle, NY 12809

Application Deadline: July 21st, 2018

Book of the Week: Diana Gabaldon

Recently, we’ve had a lot of patrons come in and tell us how much they love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series! Now that they’ve finished the books, they’re sad and don’t know what to read next. We can help with that!

Did you know that Diana Gabaldon has written other novels featuring characters from the Outlander series?

The Lord John Grey series

These novels and novellas follow Lord John Grey’s adventures during times in the main Outlander series that we don’t see or hear much of him. The chronology of these can be a little confusing, so allow us to help.

1.) Lord John and the Hellfire Club

A short story, found in the larger collection titled Lord John and the Hand of Devils 

2.) Lord John and the Private Matter  

A novel available at Argyle Free Library

3.) Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

A novel available through Interlibrary Loan in the SALS system. All you need to do is place a hold, and it will be delivered here!

4.) Lord John and the Haunted Soldier 

A novella published in the larger collection titled Lord John and the Hand of Devils

5.) Lord John and the Custom of the Army

A novella that can be found in Seven Stones to Stand or Fall: A Collection of Outlander Fiction, as an ebook, or as an audiobook. It is frequently called just, “The Custom of the Army.”

6.) The Scottish Prisoner

A novel available at Argyle Free Library

7.) Lord John and the Plague of Zombies

A novella that can be found on audiobook and as an ebook.

Books featuring other characters in the Outlander series

1.) Virgins 

This novella follows Jaime a few years before he meets Claire. Jaime leaves Scotland to soldier in France with his friend Ian Murray. Available as an ebook and through interlibrary loan.

2.) Seven Stones to Stand or Fall 

This is a collection of seven short stories featuring different characters from the Outlander series including:

The Custom of the Army 

A Lord John Grey short story

The Space Between 

This short story features the Comte Saint Germain, Michael Murray, and Joan Mackimmie (Marsali’s younger sister)

A Plague of Zombies 

A Lord John Grey novella

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows 

This short story follows Roger Mackenzie’s father and mother. We finally find out what happened to them!


This novella follows Jaime a few years before he meets Claire. Jaime leaves Scotland to soldier in France with his friend Ian Murray.

A Fugitive Green

In this short story, we learn about how Lord John Grey’s brother and sister-in-law met.


A Lord John Grey short story in which he travels to Cuba

This collection is available on ebook, at the Argyle Free Library, and through interlibrary loan.  

3.) Exiles: An Outlander Graphic Novel 

Outlander told from Jaime’s perspective! Available through interlibrary loan.

Books about Diana Gabaldon’s Writing Process

1.) Outlandish Companion Volume I 

Essays by the author about her writing process and other relevant information related to books 1-4. Available through interlibrary loan as a book, audiobook, or Playaway.

2.) Outlandish Companion Volume II

Essays by the author about her writing process and other relevant information related to books 4-8. Available through interlibrary loan as a book or audiobook.

3.) “I Give You My Body”…How I Write Sex Scenes 

Diana Gabaldon writes about her process of writing sex scenes in her novel. Available as an ebook with a library card through Overdrive.

Nonfiction Books Related to the Outlander Series

1.) Outlander Kitchen: the official Outlander companion cookbook 

Make recipes related to Jaime and Claire’s journies throughout the Outlander series. Available through interlibrary loan. 

2.) The making of Outlander: official guide to seasons one and two 

Read about how the Outlander TV show was made. Available through interlibrary loan.

3.) Highland Knits: Knitwear inspired by the Outlander series 

Learn a new skill and look as gorgeous as Claire! Available through interlibrary loan.



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