Shakespeare’s Birthday, April 23rd

Happy Shakespeare's Birthday!

In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, here is a list of some resources to help you honor The Bard.

Folger Shakespeare Library Website 

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This site contains educational articles, podcasts, and video recordings about Shakespeare and his works. In addition, the Folger website also has a beautiful interface in which you can read all of Shakespeare’s works.

Shakespeare’s Globe

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This website is devoted to the Globe Theatre in London, a reproduction of the theater where Shakespeare’s Plays were originally performed at. It includes a plethora of educational resources and fun games for kids and teens.


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BardBox aggregates video performances of Shakespeare’s plays from all over the Internet. The videos are broken down by play, channel, subject, and various other categories.

Our yearbooks are digitized!


In partnership with Argyle Central School and OCI (Oklahoma Corrections Facility) Imaging Program, we got our yearbooks digitized! They are hosted on Flickr. You can click through the yearbooks we have posted below, or go to Flickr by clicking on the image to download the whole album. We also hope to have PDFs of the yearbooks available for download in the future.

Right now, we have 18 volumes up online, and will be adding more each week. You can find the yearbooks under the Services tab, or by going to the page directly here.

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