New Book Donation Policy

New book donation policy


We had a record year with all of the donations we received. Thank you for being so generous!

The record book donation has created a slight problem, though. The building cannot support the weight of so many books, so the board and the director have decided to implement a new donated book policy.

Argyle Free Library Donated Book Policy

Gifts or donations of any material will be evaluated for inclusion in the collection. If we deem that the material is right for the collection, we will add it to our shelves. If the material is not right for us, we will either sell it at our annual book sale or direct the person to other organizations that may accept the item.

How to drop off gifts and donations 
We only accept books on the first Saturday of the month from 12 pm to 1 pm. During that time, volunteers will be at the library to accept donations. They will go through donations and accept books for inclusion in the collection or for sale at our annual book sale. Any books that the volunteers deem are not fit for inclusion in the collection will not be accepted. A list of other organizations that may accept the books will be available upon request.

General guidelines on materials the library will and will not accept

Books and materials the library will accept: 

  • Fiction that has been popular in the last three years
  • Non-fiction on topics such as knitting, cooking, gardening that are in fair condition
  • Non-fiction on topics that date quickly (health, law, technology, science) that are between one year old and three years old
  • Paperbacks in fair condition with genres of western, romance, mystery, and science fiction
  • DVDs that came out in the last 3 years

Books and materials the library WILL NOT accept: 

  • Fiction that is older than three years
  • Non-fiction on topics that date quickly (health, law, technology, science) more than three years old
  • Paperbacks in poor condition or in a genre we don’t collect in
  • DVDs that are older than 3 years

Any questions?
Please direct them to Hannah at

Seed Library Grand Opening Took Place on May 6th

The opening of the AFL Seed Library commenced with a potluck dinner, TED Talks about gardening, and a look through the seed library.

Couldn’t make it? These are the TED Talks we watched:

Jonathan Drori: Why we’re storing billions of seeds

Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

What is a seed library? A seed library is a library that lets you donate and check out seeds to use in gardening. This is a COMPLETELY FREE service that we’re offering to the community. The seed library is open any time the library is open.

Stay up to date on what’s going on with the seed library by following us on Facebook, and by visiting the Seed Library page on our website.

Technology Trainers start at the Library on May 15th!


Technology Trainers are volunteers whom you can ask any question you have about computers, smartphones, etc.

Need help downloading books onto your Kindle? Want to set up a Facebook account?

Times available for appointments in May:

Monday the 15th, 3-5 pm
Tuesday the 16th, 7-9 pm
Wednesday the 17th, 11 am-1 pm
Thursday the 18th, 7-9 pm
Saturday the 20th, 11 am-1 pm

To schedule your appointment with a Technology Trainer, please call us at 518. 638. 8911 or email

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