Seed Library Grand Opening Took Place on May 6th

The opening of the AFL Seed Library commenced with a potluck dinner, TED Talks about gardening, and a look through the seed library.

Couldn’t make it? These are the TED Talks we watched:

Jonathan Drori: Why we’re storing billions of seeds

Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

What is a seed library? A seed library is a library that lets you donate and check out seeds to use in gardening. This is a COMPLETELY FREE service that we’re offering to the community. The seed library is open any time the library is open.

Stay up to date on what’s going on with the seed library by following us on Facebook, and by visiting the Seed Library page on our website.

AFL Seed Library Borrowing Procedures

1.) If this is your first time borrowing seeds, fill out a membership record form and put it in the binder in alphabetical order by your LAST name.

1a.) Take a moment to read the orientation binder if you’re unfamiliar with gardening and seed sharing.

2.) Choose your seeds! You can choose as many as you want, but please take only as many as you need for your space. Each packet has 3 seeds in it. For more information on this, check out the orientation binder.

3.) After you’ve picked your seeds, record your selections. You can find the spot to record your selections on the back of your membership record form.

4.) Grow your seeds! If you have any questions during this process, check out the Orientation binder, our pamphlets, or our books on gardening.

5.) Harvest and dry your seeds, and return to the library in a sealed envelope. Put the seeds with the donation form in the “donation” box and NOT back in the collection.

Check out our orientation binder on ways to do this.  If you don’t feel like doing this, that’s okay. If you have the money, we ask that you make a donation to support the seed library or donate a package of seeds (non-hybrid, non-GMO) so we can continue this project in the years to come.

PDF Available for download

AFL Seed Library Membership Form