Seed Library FAQs

AFLSeed Library

What’s a seed library?

A seed library is a library that lets you donate and check out seeds to use in gardening.

How does it work?

Bring us your extra seeds (if you have them) and we split them into small envelopes for others to use in their gardens. Those envelopes we make available for you to “check out” and take home to use in your own garden. Then, we ask that you let one or two of your plants go to seed and save the seeds to donate back to the library. This will allow us to keep the library running for years to come. If you can’t save your seeds, please consider donating a packet of seeds from a store to keep our seed library stocked.

Do I have to save seeds to participate?

No, but it’s really helpful if you do. We have seed saving workshops, videos on our website, and resources in our orientation binders to help you save seeds.

Why is seed saving important?

It helps us keep the library stocked without having to buy new seeds each year. Also, it helps maintain diverse plants that grow well in our area:

“Saving seeds doesn’t only help improve agricultural biodiversity, but helps farmers and researchers find varieties of crops that grow better in different regions, especially as the impacts of climate change become evident.” –The Case for Seed Saving

Who can check out seeds?

Anyone! You don’t need a SALS library card to use the seed library. We only ask that you take only what you need for your garden. The library will be open when the Argyle Free Library is open.

When can I start checking out seeds?

May 6th, 2017 will be the official launch of the seed library. We’re reaching out to local businesses right now to see if we can get seed donated. If you’d like to donate seed, we start collecting in April.

How can I help?

We need people to help us secure seed donations, separate seeds into packets, and organize the seed library.  Please contact us if interested at: 518.638.8911 or