Computer Classes to Officially Start in January


The classes will meet 6-7 pm on Tuesdays and 9-10 am on Saturdays. They will run several times a month on the same topics due to demand. The next month, we will continue progressing to more difficult topics and so on.

You need to sign up for these classes in advance because they will fill up quickly. Please stop by the library or call 518-638-8911 to sign up. 

What to bring: 

  • If you have a laptop, we strongly recommend you bring it as we only have 4 computers available for use.
  • Headphones
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

March Schedule 

Tuesday, March 7th, 6-7pm

Topics covered: Why use a computer, Getting started on a computer, Using a PC

* More dates and times to be added as need arises. *




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